Week of March 18 to March 24 2024

Weekly Tarot Predictions for All Signs by Kassie

This week promises to be quite interesting as we approach a significant lunar eclipse in March, which is poised to shift balances by casting a spotlight on relationships and collaborations. The week starts with events that may bring about significant and karmic acquaintances, discussions, meetings, and contacts marked by destiny. A particular highlight is the spring equinox, marking the start of spring, which is associated with critical events that could involve accidents or surgeries affecting young individuals or animals, urging personal decisions. It's a time to leave behind ego and impulsivity, encouraging initiatives to acknowledge and heal from past mistakes, guilt, or shame. Mid-week, a call to internal strength aims to transform any dysfunctional relationships, potentially leading to more optimistic outcomes in dealings with authority figures or reputable individuals. However, a test of endurance in relationships and collaborations arrives, where rash actions in personal connections could lead to disappointment and strict criticism. Mature and measured approaches, on the other hand, could be rewarded with formalization of relationships or collaborations, opening new chapters in life that come with their own commitments (e.g., marriage).

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