Week of March 29 to April 4 2021

Aries: Five of Pentacles: You feel that on some level, life is less secure than you'd like it to be and that your options now are limited. If you feel that you are missing out somehow, that's because you haven't tried to ask for help. If you need help, go out and ask for it and help will come. Do not try to do everything all on your own at this stage. Something that has recently been lost is about to be recovered. Don't lose yourself in negative narratives.

Taurus: Page of Cups: There will be light and cheerful communication with someone you are interested in and you may even proceed to make plans for a romantic date. The situation will be shifting and changing though, so keep in mind that it's just the initial stages and there aren't real plans to make it a relationship yet. Try to keep a comfortable pace, without forcing or rushing things.

Gemini: Sun: Confusion is about to end, as new information will come to light and things that were ambiguous will now starting to make more sense. With new clarity, you will be able to make a decision that you've been putting off in a while now. Try to be transparent in your dealings with others and you'll see that positive energy comes back to you. This is a good time to heal yourself physically and emotionally.

Cancer: King of Pentacles: You have a brilliant idea and you are looking to find ways to make it work. Your idea could be a great success, provided that you invest time and energy and that you work diligently and methodically to bring it into reality. It's important that you handle things in a practical manner, avoiding unnecessary risks. Money you've been expecting seems to be on the way!

Leo: Justice: Even if it doesn't feel that way, the situation you find yourself in now is turning out as it should. Very soon, you will be able to see that things happened for a reason and that for every action there is an equal reaction. Trust that the universe is wiser than we'll ever be and that we always are where we really need to be.

Virgo: Page of Pentacles: You are dealing with a task that's neither interesting nor fun and the situation you are in seems to have lost some of its luster. You will be tempted to shake things off just for the sake of excitement, but rethink your impulse before you do something you will regret. Make a point to get off the beaten path and explore new things. Create your own energy and enthusiasm.

Libra: Six of Swords: You feel like moving away from someone or something, as there's a situation that seems to have run its course and progress has come to a halt. You feel the need to detach and to find your peace of mind again. Truth is that some distance is needed so that you decide with a clearer mind what your next step should be. Don't think that you will lose control by remaining detached. On the contrary, you will be able to assert yourself in a more confident way.

Scorpio: Three of Wands: Important developments are about to happen and obstacles/difficulties that you've been experiencing lately are about to be removed. Your efforts will start paying off finally and you will be able to bring your plans into reality. Communication or collaboration with people from foreign countries are especially favored now. Keep your thoughts future oriented. The past can only hold you back now.

Sagittarius: Ace of Wands: Now it's a good time to start something new, especially if you've felt stuck and bored. An opportunity is heading your way and it would be a pity to miss it. There is now potential to put things on a new basis and make some much needed adjustments. Be bold and ask for what you want by acting on your thoughts and desires. The universe will respond in a positive way.

Capricorn: High Priestess: Feelings and mood will be fluctuating and you may feel uncertain about your direction in life. You will not feel willing to share at this stage and you may be a little mysterious and cryptic too. That's OK, as there are things below the surface and you can't see the full picture yet. Syncronicities and signs from higher realms will show you the way. Pay attention to your dreams and trust your inner knowing.

Aquarius: Nine of Wands: There's a situation that feels complex and difficult and there's a great deal of tension around it. Impulsive moves, fears and resistance have made things worse and there's a need for change. The way you've been dealing with this had made you more and more vulnerable. It's time that you chose a different approach and that could actually get you what you want.

Pisces: Temperance: You will feel that you need a partner whose personality traits harmonize with your own and if your current partner or person of interest is not on the same wavelength with you, there will be resistance, ups and downs and mixed signals. In order to make a relationship work, you will have to find the right formula that will make it work. If you want to salvage a relationship, you will have to make compromises. You do need to find common ground.

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