Week of March 30 to April 5 2020

Aries:   Page of Pentacles: This week contains a lesson and you are the student. You are wondering who your teacher might be. Well, it's your last mistake.  Look backward only to acknowledge those lessons, but then make sure you live forward.

Taurus: Magician: Focus is your strong point now. Make sure that you are not focusing on obstacles, but on the outcome you want to produce. This is a time to see the bigger picture. Stay inspired by staying on track.

Gemini: Three of Wands: You made some moves and you are about to start seeing the results of your efforts. Focusing on expansion will accelerate your growth. Good news from foreign places arrive and challenges become opportunities.

Cancer: Death: Change now feels scary and painful, but you will soon feel that staying stagnant is more frustrating. You will surprise yourself by taking drastic action. Transformation is not the final destination, but it's necessary to keep the motion.

Leo: Ace of Pentacles: An offer is coming your way. You will be wondering whether you should take it, as you know that a great deal of effort will be needed. The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit, but the fruit is going to ripen eventually. 

Virgo: King of Swords:  You feel the need to take distance from a certain situation, but that's because at some point you cared too much. Life is filled with rhythms. Resist nothing. Do what feels right to you and let things unfold naturally.

Libra: Hermit: You are looking for a solution to a long standing problem and the solution is going to manifest for you soon, because guidance is about to show up. Don't expect everything to make sense immediately. The spark will give enough light for the next step to be seen.

Scorpio: Emperor: You feel the need for structure and order as things have been a little chaotic as of late. Responsibility is your strongest weapon at this stage. You will have to take control and lead a situation and if you are fair, others will follow willfully.

Sagittarius: Ten of Wands: You have nobody to blame but yourself for the burdens you have now to endure. You feel tied up in responsibilities, obligations and commitments, but the final destination is near. Hold on a little longer for you are at the end game now.

Capricorn: Seven of Swords: You are required to be smart and alert. Don't use all your aces yet. Wait for others to show their cards first. Be diplomatic and you are going to win, even if the odds are not looking good.

Aquarius:  Queen of Wands: Things are going to get hectic soon and you will have to act with confidence and swiftness. Don't get caught in trying to make everything perfect. Strive for progress and change first.  

Pisces: Queen of Cups: You are going to appreciate the loyalty and the devotion of someone around you, as they will act as a peace-keeper and that will help you resolve an issue. Stop worrying incessantly. Try to be open and diplomatic.

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