Week of May 10 to May 16 2021

Aries: Strength: This week you will have to  sit back and assess your strengths and weaknesses, to prepare for a new beginning that's about to manifest. Energies are especially positive if you're submitting a college or job application, or preparing for an interview. Your plans should be decided taking into account your core strengths and skills. As you open the next chapter in your life, take a look at lessons of the past to identify your greatest assets.

Taurus: Queen of Wands: This week distractions will be many and so will be your obligations and responsibilities. Trying to focus on the most important tasks, while at the same time you prioritize tackling what's most urgent first, will allow to work efficiently and to get things done on time. Make it a point to try and produce something with a minimum amount of effort, so that you don't spread yourself too thin.

Gemini: Three of Cups: This week your focus will be on friendships and on your close relationships, as there will be interaction and communication with people that hold a special place in your life. Teamwork is especially favored now, that's why it's the perfect time to organize events or meetings that will bring you together with people you love and appreciate.

Cancer: Eight of Swords: A situation that looked stable has destabilized as of late and there are obstacles and difficulties to be overcome. Try not to let a negative mental attitude make things worse. Even if things are not ideal at this stage, trust that change is the only certainty in life and it won't be long until the pendulum swings again, in the opposite direction this time.

Leo: Judgement: Something or someone from the past is going to resurface soon, but beware that the issues that caused distance before are still there and there's a risk of repeat. The universe is giving you a chance to start afresh, but that means you need to shed the old skin first. Think of the lessons you have learned in the past and act accordingly.

Virgo: Queen of Pentacles: You will notice progress and positive developments around your career and finances and an issue that has been troubling you for a while, these days will start moving forward. You need to feel secure in your workplace and under this influence, you will have the opportunity to find allies and support that will make you feel more confident and motivated to pursue your goals.

Libra: Nine of Swords: Your thoughts tend to gravitate towards the negative these days and that's just making things worse. You are dealing with a situation that needs to end, but you are still holding on to it and that's causing you tension. The sooner you deal with this issue, the faster its unpleasantness will go away. if you feel totally ungrounded, that's because you are too much up in your head.

ScorpioHigh Priestess: You will be feeling introspective and that's because there's a matter that needs your attention at this stage. You need to find answers but don't look for those answers outside. Look within and trust your intuition. Your dreams will be vivid and insightful. Just remember not to make any decisions yet. Things are still fluid and there's more below the surface. 

Sagittarius: Page of Cups: You will hear a story  or you will receive a message that will touch a sensitive chord and will trigger a strong emotional response.  Then there will be a tendency to express your feelings in a rather excessive way and balance can be lost in that process. Grab the opportunity to connect with someone as it will be presented to you, but make sure you temper emotions with logic, so that you don't regret your actions later on.

Capricorn: Four of Wands : Time to take a break and rest for a while. A stage is being complete and there will be rewards and a celebration. You have established a strong foundation to build upon and you can now start planning your next moves. Others will join you in this journey too. A relationship is about to pass in a more stable and solid stage. Enjoy the positive energies but don't rest on your laurels. 

Aquarius: The Hanged Man: You will feel lazy this week and perhaps a little drained of energy, but that's to be expected as there seems to be a habit you need to change in order to feel more active and energized. Someone may get on your nerves, but that's because you view a situation from a very different perspective. Go with the flow and try to replenish your energy by getting some rest both physically and mentally.

Pisces: Six of Cups: You will feel nostalgic and there will be a tendency to dwell in the past this week, thinking about what you should or shouldn't have done or what should or shouldn't have happened. It's OK to connect mentally with the past, but not being able to move on will cause stagnation and inertia in your life. Take those lessons and make good use of them, so that you create a better future.

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