Week of May 18 to May 24 2020

Aries: Ten of Wands: This might feel like a hard time and  you have a heavy weight on your shoulders. A burden which seems too heavy to carry on your own. But even if that's what you think, you are not alone in this. Ask for help and accept it with grace. The universe is rearranging itself now and you will see light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Taurus:  High Priestess: You can only see the tip of the iceberg. All the important aspects of the situation are hidden below the surface. That's because there are those who want to keep secrets from you. It's best that you don't open your cards just yet. Wait for the other party to make the first move and you will have an advantage.

Gemini: Three of Wands: You have made your decisions, you have taken action and now the first signs of positive developments will be showing up. There's still much to be done, but the universe will send you messages to let you know that you are on the right track. Keep up the good work.

Cancer: Ten of Cups: Perhaps your desires have gone wild, hoping for the impossible, the happily ever after that could not easily manifest at this stage. Get your head back to reality. Happily ever after may  be a fairytale,  but happy moments are ahead and there will be some very positive news soon. Nothing lasts forever, real relationships are made and worked at, not found.

Leo: Chariot: There's someone who feels there are differences between you and from their perspective, you are in two different pages.Each one of you is being determined to have their own way and there will be a battle all the way. The problem is that you both see this as a conquest and not as a harmonious balance to be achieved. 

Virgo: Devil: The situation is not healthy for you and you know it. It feels like an addiction and that's what it is. Don't get so sucked into it that you lose yourself. Being obsessed and addicted will just make an unhealthy attachment stronger. It's time to break those shackles don't you think?

Libra: Lovers: Sometimes we can see what we love and want most in the world, and still turn away from it, or be turned away from it by others. This is rarely the right thing to do as it will leave you regretting your decision however unselfish it was, however much trouble you avoided. Choose to accept your heart's choice.

Scorpio: Page of Pentacles:  Proceed sensibly by learning more about the situation before rushing into anything or jumping to conclusions that might not be accurate. You need to expand your level of knowledge or you need to slow down and ground yourself better in order to move forward in the best way. 

Sagittarius: Star:  There is a situation where timing seems to be off for one reason or another, but this situation will serve to be important later on down the road. Allow it to unfold while you maintain your inner peace. There will be hope from unseen sources and it will feel like guidance from above. Trust the signs. You need to see the bigger picture, think bigger and detach yourself from the day-to-day needs and troubles.

Capricorn: Queen of Wands: There's  someone around you who knows how to get things done quickly and with passion, but they are a little impatient and that's causing you stress. You don't have the same pace and they make you feel uncomfortable. Stick to your own pace and don't allow anyone to pressure you. Take action only when you feel ready.

Aquarius: Ace of Pentacles:  There's a promise of fortune and change and there's also a sign that things are within your reach. You will receive a gift or an interesting offer/proposal. Work needs to be done for the situation to manifest its full potential and it may be time to get your hands dirty. Slow and steady will win the race, let your common sense guide you to success..

Pisces: Two of Pentacles: You are trying not to choose or not to give up anything, but that's impossible. You can't have you cake and eat it and even if so far you've managed to juggle a situation doesn't mean you will be able to do so indefinitely. There's high risk that you'll drop those balls and then you will regret your indecisivess. Use prudence.

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