Week of May 3 to May 9 2021

Aries: Seven of Wands: There's an important task that you will decide to get down to and see it through with commitment. Even if there are challenges from many directions occurring at once, there's a good chance you will get what you want, if you stick to your plan. You will manage to reach your goal if you don't invest all your energy fighting off resistance. Save some for progress making.

Taurus: Hermit: There's a confusing situation that will finally start making sense this week, especially if you take some time for yourself and look at it from distance. A cycle is about to be completed and within a nine days time frame, you will be able to see things with new eyes. Keep your plans and thoughts concealed and don't get influenced by other people's opinions or plans. Make your own decision regardless of what other people want.

Gemini: Ten of Pentacles: You've worked hard in order to achieve a goal and now a cycle is coming to a culmination. You are about to enjoy the fruits of your labor and you will receive rewards and praise. Think long term and include others in your plans too. A strong community, with like-minded people will help you bring your plans into reality. Connect and share and keep in mind that people come and go, but the right ones is those that stay.

Cancer: Knight of Wands: You will have to deal with a project or an endeavor that seems to be faltering, but a plan is being formed in your mind and even though it may feel bold, it's actually quite workable if you put your energy in it. Adopt a competitive mode of thinking and take immediate action. Don't hesitate to get involved. Others will share your enthusiasm.

Leo: Seven of Swords: You thought that things were one way, but things were another way and you know now how appearances can be deceptive, but that's not a dead end. You too can become unpredictable and hard to read and that's the best you can do at this stage. Someone is trying to avoid responsibility, but don't let them make away with what is not theirs.

Virgo: Justice: You want to do the right thing and at this stage the right thing would be to try and balance your needs and expectations with those of another. There are things that need to be said and you have to come to an agreement, if you want the situation to be fair for both of you. Honor your responsibilities - even those that you'd like to back out of- and do what needs to be done.

Libra: Seven of Pentacles: You have made some efforts but at this moment you feel really unsure about whether those efforts will pay off. Truth is you need to be patient and let those seeds grow organically. If you start pushing and controlling, chances are, it will backfire and you will get half-baked results. Temper anxiety with vision and positive expectations. Trust that the universe always rewards when efforts are being made, but it has its own timing.

Scorpio: Four of Pentacles: Someone around you is unable or unwilling to share and that's because they fear they might lose what they have. But doing so, they actually lose more than they think and opportunities are passing them by. If you are that person, know that holding on to things that do not serve your best interests will generate stagnant energies around you. Make room for new things things that are more in aligned with your current vibrations.

Sagittarius: Ace of Swords: You will have an idea that will unexpectedly solve a problem you've been dealing with for a while. Even if you may come across as too assertive or controlling, you need to take the situation in your own two hands. Do what you have to do without worrying about what others will think or say. Now more than ever, it's crucial that you break free from any relationship or situation that does not allow you to think for yourself.

Capricorn: Ten of Swords: This week you will feel it's time to step back and see what's not working, and that will guide you to much better options. Perhaps you have overthought something and you are burned out on it and that's causing lots of mental anguish. Life is telling you that it's time for a fresh approach. Over dramatization won't help - accept what's possible and what's not in the circumstances. You will have to let go of certain situations, if you want to move forward in a more positive way.

Aquarius: Magician: Things aren't always what they seem to be and in the situation you are in, you never know what you're going to see or hear next and you're never sure what's real and what's not. Maybe that's what makes it so fascinating anyway. Even if everything seems real enough that you can't help but believe it, it's not. Try to spot those red flags and when you do, don't ignore them.

Pisces: Two of Wands: Sometimes the burden of a decision is heavy, especially if you don't know what you want. First you need to make up your mind about choosing between being in a relationship or not, compromising on an issue or not or putting energy and effort into a relationship versus putting that into work/career. Start by making plans to move in one direction or another. You have options to choose from and that gives you power.

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