Week of November 23 to November 29 2020

Aries: Page of Wands: You will try to see beyond the current limitations and you will envision the future that you want to manifest and that's the first step that will get you where you want to be. An offer or proposal is coming your way. Keep building up momentum and avoid procrastination. Try to be stronger than you strongest excuse!

Taurus: Nine of Wands: On the one hand you want to stand your ground, on the other that's causing you to feel pressured. Keep in mind that pressure comes from within and that's why it needs to be controlled from within. You are not here to live up to anyone's expectations. Only to yours. You have chosen to be at the drivers seat anyway and soon you will start seeing the benefits of that position.

Gemini: Fool: You feel that you need a fresh start and in order to do that, you either need to do something or to stop doing something. Every new beginning comes from another beginning's end, which means that you should allow things to develop organically, without going to war with life. You will find a new direction as long as you don't limit yourself. Life has infinite possibilities.

Cancer: Eight of Cups: You know it's time to venture out but fear makes you look back at what you leave behind. You will soon find out that what awaits you is more powerful and more aligned with your higher purpose. The past will not be able to hold you back for much longer. Trust that this new calling will lead you where you really need to be.

Leo: Ace of Swords: you will experience a moment of great intensity as something that has been unclear and confusing will finally make sense. Things have been blurry because your you weren't focused enough, but once you adjust your attention, you will be able to eliminate options that are redundant and you will be aligning with new values. Closing doors that lead nowhere is a must now.

Virgo: Justice: You feel you deserve a certain reward and you have put all your energy and your focus to make it come to you and it will! Life is all about cause and effect and you have made the necessary effort already. It's just that you need to be a little patient as the universe is rearranging itself to bring you what you want. You are at the end game now.

Libra: Eight of Wands: You set a goal that excites you and scares you at the same time, but that's a good thing because your anticipation and a sense of purpose will set the wheels in motion and developments will be fast and unexpected. It's possible that you will get carried away bu the speed things will happen, that's why it's best that you make a solid plan and stick to it. Otherwise there's a risk that your goal will remain just a dream.

Scorpio Temperance: In order to get what you want, you need to invest in time, but that's not just about waiting. It's also about finding the right formula and deciding who and what is worth your time. If you keep getting the wrong type of response, that's a sign that it's time to alter your course. There are many paths that lead to success and happiness.

Sagittarius: Four of Swords: You want to experience new things and in order for change to happen you first need to change your daily routine. It's clear that if you do what you always did, you will get what you always got. And yes, sometimes life can bring change by its own, but not in the case. Take some time if you need to think things through, but don't stall for too long.

Capricorn: Hierophant: You feel there's something you cannot do by yourself because you know that there are bridges to burn and bridges to cross, but you are scared of making mistakes. Someone with greater experience is on your side now. Don't hesitate to take their advice, but no matter how good the advice, you cannot move forward if you are not willing to move your feet.

Aquarius: Strength: Consistency and patience are the qualities that will get you what you want, but keep in mind that old ways will not open new doors. Stick to your plans, but be flexible too. You will have to make some adjustments along the way, but have faith that everything will work out for the best. There will be opposition to your plans, but with determination, you will be able to overcome those obstacles.

Pisces: Sun: Now that things are finally beginning to make sense, you will find that your thoughts gravitate towards positivity too. You will experience some good moments soon and difficult energies will start shifting. Don't miss opportunities for fun – you do need to recharge and recoup. Your life is as good as your mindset.