Week of November 2nd to November 8th 2020

Aries: High Priestess: There's a situation that feels vague and uncertain, primarily because there are energies that haven't been revealed and secrets that are kept. People will be cryptic and you will not know where you stand, as things will be rather confusing. On the other hand, your intuition is quite strong and the first impression you get is usually the most accurate. Trust that.

Taurus: Five of Cups: You may feel that someone from your past is playing emotional games trying to manipulate you and if you play their game, you will probably feel drained and frustrated. If you leave the past where it belongs and you don't allow yourself to be haunted by visions of the past you will realize that the key to your happiness is in your own hands and not in someone else's pocket.

Gemini: Knight of Swords: Things are finally picking up and where there have been delays and stagnation you can now expect progress and fast -even unexpected – developments, especially when it comes to communications. You may that others are rushing you as the energy of this week is 'fast and furious'. Try to remain aware of how the things you say can affect others – your tongue is now sharp and there may be misunderstandings.

Cancer: Strength: There's a situation that will require some effort on your part if you want to bring your plans to fruition. Don't let your fears or negativity of others get the better of you. You are in a process that will soon produce results, but you need to hold on a little longer. You have the resources and the strength to face any challenges that may come up. Being gentle with yourself, while you are standing your ground is the way to go now.

Leo: King of Cups:  Matters of the heart and friendships will be in the spotlight, as you now care only about deep and meaningful connections. This is a week that you will have the chance to mend bridges, especially those that were burned before. Try to see the positive side of relationships, even if there are challenges. There's a male in your life who will bring positive vibes this week, as he will finally start to behave!

Virgo: Seven of Wands: You will be in defensive mode this week as there will be something that you will have to protect. It might be an idea, a relationship, another person or yourself! Prepare for opposition and resistance from several fronts. You will feel that you are asked to give a fight that isn't always fair, but the good news is that taking a stand will change the energy flow and will take you one step forward. Pick your battles wisely.

Libra: Two of Wands: How long are you going to postpone that decision? Deep down you have made up[ your mind already and you know it. This week will ask you to take action on your thoughts, even if things appear to be vague and ambiguous still. The burden of a choice may be heavy, but being in a limbo state isn't helping much either. Don't bother asking too many opinions, as that will make things more confusing. You know what you want.

Scorpio Page of Wands: A  new and exciting possibility is coming your way and finally things start shifting. Be it a project or an idea, your urge to take action will be particularly strong this week. You will be able to finally start building up momentum that will lead you where you want to go. Good news about children or young people in your life. Now is the time to add some fuel to that spark!

Sagittarius: Ace of Pentacles: Something new is coming into your life this week. Expect it to be something solid and tangible, like a gift, new clothes, a new car or money you've been expecting! You may finally decide to start working out or to take that course you wanted for so long. No matter what you decide to do, try to invest well, as an investment at this stage is likely to pay off big time, especially if you make wise and solid plans. 

Capricorn: Hierophant: Your focus will be on matters pertaining contracts, higher education, organizations and you will decide that's important to you to make a higher commitment at this stage. Take a traditional approach and avoid innovation as it's not favored at the moment. Keep in mind that sacrificing your own truth to accommodate someone else's needs won't take you too far. You need strong and solid connections that will help you realize your plans. People who have been untrustworthy before should be kept at an arm's length.

Aquarius: Eight of Swords: There's a certain situation that makes you feel that your hands are tied and yes, you need to free yourself, but there are still obstacles that you need to overcome. The way to do that is to start doing things differently, but first you need to start thinking about things differently! Doing the same thing and thinking the same thoughts over and over will not bring about the change you are hoping for.

Pisces: Nine of Cups: Cause and effect is one of the basic laws in our universe and it seems that your good deeds from the past will now bring you rewards. You will be satisfied with yourself and with how things turned out, but you may find yourself feeling a little lonely. That too is about to change soon, so for now be grateful for what you have and get ready to receive new people in your life. A phase of transition is almost over and a new chapter is about to begin.

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