Week of November 30 to December 6 2020

Aries: Eight of Swords: You are feeling trapped, unable to break the bonds, because you fear that escaping bears the risk of getting hurt. It's true that you cannot control external forces and in cases like this there are no easy answers or quick fixes. You know that change is needed, but try to produce positive results using the power of your mind in a positive manner, not in a way that's immobilizing you.

Taurus: Queen of Pentacles: You will feel the need to get real and realistic as you are now looking for comfort, security and situations/relationships that are strong and solid. You need to call the shots now, taking initiative and deciding how things should be done. Don't listen to promises, unless they are accompanied by down to earth, practical action. Put your trust in those that have proved they deserve it.

Gemini: Strength: There will be an inner struggle as someone will make a mess and for a while you will feel undecided as to how to respond. But even if you feel uncertain about how to proceed, you can make the situation bend to your will. The way to take things in your own hands is by discipline and self-control. This is your chance to show who has the real strength.

Cancer: Two of Wands: You will be weighing the pros and cons of a decision you are about to make. A decision that will set the wheels in motion and things will start picking up. New experiences feel alluring, but you know that your choices affect others too. Prepare for unexpected actions and departures. Things have not stabilized yet. If you find that your moods are changing too fast, try to ground yourself by doing things that connect you with your inner being.

Leo: Nine of Pentacles: A reward for a job well done is coming your way. You committed yourself to a task and you will now see that your hard work has paid off. People will be supportive these days and their support will make you feel confident that you are on the right track. If someone is asking too much of your time and resources without giving anything back, cut them off. 

Virgo: Knight of Swords: You can't bear any more slowness and you feel impatient and irritated. Communications will pick up soon, but be prepared that you might not hear anything meaningful or clear. Don't walk into situations blindly, there seems to be a lot of confusion and uncertainty at this stage. Even if you feel compelled to rush ahead, keep in mind that going too fast in the wrong direction is something you will regret later on.

Libra: Four of Cups: You will find a calm and peaceful space this week, as energies seem to be slow and passive. If you feel bothered about things, look deeply within to find the root cause of your dissatisfaction. Don't come out of your shell yet. Give yourself time to assess the situation. A comfort zone is your friend at this stage. It's not time for new experiences. Let things unfold first.

Scorpio:  Knight of Wands: You will have to deal with a project or an endeavor that seems to be faltering, but a plan is being formed in your mind and even though it may feel bold, it's actually quite workable if you put your energy in it. Adopt a competitive mode of thinking and take immediate action. Don't hesitate to get involved. You will find allies that will share your enthusiasm.

Sagittarius: Seven of Swords: This week you will need diplomacy and good communication skills in order to get what you want. You will find that it's best that you don't open all your cards just yet. Being straightforward might even get you in trouble, as others might misinterpret your intentions. Use strategy to reach your goals. Others aren't playing by the rules and if you don't play the game like they do, you'll lose.

Capricorn: Temperance: Waiting passively for things to happen, will not get you what you want, as others might make decisions that you won't like. Action is needed, but in moderation. There's a third element you need to add or remove. Be patient but keep working on getting the right elements in the right proportions. Share responsibilities if you have to. Another's perspective can be the missing element that will make things work.

Aquarius: Page of Wands: here will be news that will make you decide to dedicate yourself to a cause or a goal, but you know that tests lie ahead and also several twists and turns. Taking measure of your power you will feel that you can prove your inner strength. Energy is an exchange. Make sure that you give something to get something back. Even if it's not always what you thought you'd get.

Pisces: King of Pentacles: Someone in your life will finally take responsibility for his actions, as you will notice that he is now more practical and realistic. That means this is the perfect opportunity to make solid plans with them. Plans that can develop strategically in the long haul. Continue to take things slow, haste will easily throw things off balance again.

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