Week of November 9 to November 15 2020

Aries: Chariot: There's something you want to achieve with all your hear and you have made hard efforts to make it happen. Although you are feeling weary, you are at the end game now, so don't let doubts undermine and erode your commitment. Focus and attention will allow you to maintain power and speed. Soon you will find that rewards are coming your way.

Taurus: Ace of Cups: There's someone who likes you a lot or someone you feel strongly attached to, but a relationship has not manifested yet. It feels that things are still in the very early stages and there's a great deal of confusion about what the next step should be. Potential exists but let things unfold naturally. Avoid formulating expectations that will lead to worrying. Being too attached too soon will not produce the desired results.

Gemini: Sun: You will find yourself being in the spotlight this week and you are about to enjoy praise and attention from other people. That will be the first sign that you are entering a more positive phase and things will start finally looking up. Progress and success are now within your reach. Don't forget to have fun too! Maintain a playful spirit and you will notice that things are falling into place. Good news about kids and young people will arrive.

Cancer: Fool: You will feel a rush of fresh energy and you'll be tempted to take a leap of faith. That's a good thing, as long as you keep in mind that at some point you will have to choose among all those options and possibilities, so that you have a clear direction. Explore your options, keeping an open mind and that will help you move on from energies and situations that won't serve your best interests anymore.

Leo: High Priestess: Even if things may feel unclear and confusing, intuitive insights, meaningful dreams and divine guidance will show you the way. Emotionally, you may feel a little detached and aloof, but as long as you remain in touch with your negative feelings, without denying them, you will be able to transcend them an start feeling connected again. Take time off if you need to. Your energy is finite and you may need to recharge it.

Virgo: Two of Swords: Lies and deceit you have encountered in the  past make you feel a little guarded. Accept that you may have misjudged a person or a situation and that may help you liberate your mind and move on. Protect your heart if you need to and know that this is a transient phase that will soon pass you you will feel ready to for action again.

Libra: Two of Cups: Romance is the easiest and most natural thing to do ,as long as both people agree to start a relationship with a purpose. You will feel there is a very special person in your life and a future with them will seem like a good idea. However, keep in mind, that putting someone in a position of being responsible for your happiness isn't just unkind, it's unloving. Take responsibility for your expectations and examine whether they are realistic at this stage.

Scorpio:  Queen of Pentacles: There will be someone that will help and support you by investing in your ideas or projects. This will be a week when you will start seeing slow but steady progress and that will make you feel confident that you are on the right path. Being methodical, practical and realistic will produce the best possible results. This is a good time to take care of matters that are pending in a while now.

Sagittarius: Five of Wands: You have a specific goal that you want to achieve, but there's strong competition and others that go for the same reward, but using different approaches. If you can work as a team, do so, but if that's not possible in the circumstances, then just do your best. As long as you stand out, you can win this battle and get the reward and the praise you deserve.

Capricorn: World: Be it a relationship or a work project, it appears that there's something in your life that you've been working on for a  long time. You've been through a lot and at times the process has been painful, but you are now ready to complete what's been incomplete. Go for a holistic approach and take other people's views and opinions into account. You will be amazed at the results.

Aquarius: Knight of Pentacles: You've been working patiently and methodically on a task, project or relationship and the time has come for you to start seeing the first tangible signs of manifestation. Work with those who are trustworthy and dependable and avoid those who promise a lot but deliver nothing. If you are planning to buy property, this is a good time to do so.

Pisces: Temperance: You will feel that you are losing your patience as your efforts have not yet produced the results you were hoping for. Although there are methods that you haven't tried yet, it appears that the most important element that will actually bring the change you desire is time. You cannot force a flower to bloom and you cannot make life work according to your concepts. Let things unfold organically. Patience is needed.

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