Week of October 12 to October 18 2020

Aries: Queen of Pentacles: A financial responsibility will require your attention this week and you will need to have a down to earth and methodical approach. If you put things in perspective you will see that you can easily overcome a challenge. You may have the tendency to be overly protective of others, but although your intentions are good, you may come across as controlling and then there will be opposition and resistance to your plans.

Taurus: Two of Swords: A recent conflict got you upset and worried that your connection with someone is severed for good. However, even if your relationship is in adversity and there's great tension at the moment, this week energies will start settling down and there will be an opportunity for peace to be restored. The way to do that is to find common ground. Your differences will still be there, but you will be able to figure out a more harmonious way to connect.

Gemini: Six of Cups: You will come to realize that it's your past that has shaped your present and the present is shaping your future. For that reason you will revisit happy -an maybe some not so happy- memories of the past and that will help you re-assess a current situation. You will be surprised to see how history is repeating itself if you remain open enough to spot the similarities and that will give you great power when it comes to making the right decisions. It's OK to feel nostalgic, but make sure you don't lose sight of reality.

Cancer: Four of Wands: You will feel energized and goal – oriented this week, especially since you will get a reward for your efforts, as a stage is about to be complete. Matters around your home/house and property in general will be prominent this week and you may be invited to a significant social event or ceremony. Try to make solid and realistic plans as at this stage responsible management will be needed.

Leo: The Tower: A much needed change will happen this week and it may feel unexpected and abrupt, but will allow you to re-evaluate a situation. There will be events that will create new opportunities and things that have been stuck will start developing eventually. A new and more beneficial direction will manifest, but you will have to let go of certain situations that haven't been in alignment for a long while now.

Virgo: Justice: A wrong has been done in the past and things didn't go the way you expected them to go, but this week you will start noticing the first sings of balance being restored. You will receive news about a legal matter or a partnership and you will finally feel that fate favors you. Avoid those that pass judgments and those who always think negatively of others. A balancing act or event will set things on the right track.

Libra: Ace of Wands: You will feel inspired and excited as new energy is coming into your life. A new project or relationship will keep you on your toes, so if you've felt that things were stagnant and boring, prepare for a big shift in the current dynamics. You will decide you want to create something new and you will feel determine to invest all your energy to see it through.

Scorpio : Queen of Wands. You will get motivation from an inspirational female, who's warm and practical, yet strong and independent. She will help you with something that you have difficulty doing and with her help you will get things done quickly and efficiently. This is not a time to be shy and introverted. Ask for what you want and you will receive it.

Sagittarius: Four of Pentacles: You've experienced some hardships lately, some sort of financial loss or loss of job, but from this week on things will start looking up. You can expect that the situation will stabilize soon and you will experience greater material – and as a result emotional- security. Try to hold on to what you have now. Opportunities for expansion will come later.

Capricorn: The Chariot: There will be a contrast in one of your relationships but it can actually end up in victory, especially if you make sustained efforts to make things work by finding what brings you together rather than what divides you. News about travel or a move will arrive and there will be communications with people from foreign countries. Investing time and energy in something you want done will pay off and you can make things work in your favor.  

Aquarius: Ten of Cups: You will plan activities or a get together with a group of like-minded people or a community and that will help you stretch your emotional boundaries and include new people in your life with new outlooks and enthusiasm. It's time to pay special attention to your emotional needs. Issues of property or inheritance will require combined efforts to be resolved.

Pisces: Five of Pentacles: This is not a good time to make drastic changes, to start risky enterprises or to make investments as energies around you are chaotic and stability isn't there. There is a practical issue that needs to be resolved before you are ready to move forward with new plans. Impose some austerity measures if you have to, as that will help you balance the situation sooner.

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