Week of October 26th to November 1st 2020

Aries: Four of Pentacles: You hate changes that are forced on you and you will fight to maintain a status quo this week. You first need to have a strong foundation to build upon, if anything is to progress in the coming weeks. External circumstances will be tricky and possibly opposed to your plans. Don't go against the tide, but do try to keep what you have earned. If you don't feel safe or settled in a situation, don't invest too much in it.

Taurus: Three of Cups: Friendly faces and positive vibes will be around you this week. A special connection and a meeting with someone will make you feel good as you now only care about deep and meaningful connections. You know who are those who never left your side and this week you will have the chance to connect with them and show them appreciation. You will get an invitation to a party or social event that you should not fail to attend!

Gemini: Devil: No matter how hard you are trying to move on from a situation, you feel that you are going around in circles. That's because what you feel as a need is basically an obsession or addiction and that's what needs to break. First you need to realize that you are locked up and then you will be able to escape. Spot the points that make you feel hooked and try to make different choices for a while. See how a new attitude could help you break a vicious circle.

Cancer: Ace of Wands: This week you will feel the need to try and do new things, to find new passions and to replenish your energy that has been rather low in the previous weeks. There's an incoming possibility to start something fresh and exciting. This is the time to give voice to your inspiration and ideas. You will find that the universe will be supporting you, by opening doors that were not accessible before.

Leo: Knight of Cups: A message of love is coming your way and you will be enjoying the company of a special person. Enjoy the romantic vibes around you, but don't invest too much just yet. Let things develop naturally, without having too many expectations. Make sure that your knight in shiny armor is not an idiot in tin foil. You fell for that before, didn't you?

Virgo: Emperor: You are trying to keep everything under control, but you end up feeling unhappy and frustrated. You feel that your obligations are overwhelming and and although you want to maintain stability, at the same time the burden on your shoulders gets heavier and heavier. It's a paradox, but in many cases you maintain control by letting go of your need to control. In that way you will start enjoying your life more too. It's simple as that.

Libra: Justice: You want to do the right thing as you feel that's what will bring balance to a situation that got out of control. However, you feel confused as to what the next step should be. Before you make any moves, make sure that you know exactly what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Sometimes the right thing to do is also the hardest. Ask yourself: are you willing to make a long term investment or you are just looking for a quick fix? Then you will know what needs to be done.

Scorpio : Seven of Pentacles: You've waited and waited but nothing really happened and you are now wondering whether you'll ever get the results you hoped for. One thing's for sure: the process is slow and you can't force it, but being a habitual waiter won't help much. Better ask yourself: is it results or excuses that you are waiting for? Figure out the answer and you will get unstuck.

Sagittarius: Six of Wands: News of success are coming your way and others will show you their appreciation for what you have accomplished. Moods will be uplifted and you will receive a nice reward. It won't be long until you set your next goal and this time you will find that people are helping and supporting you. Your good reputation puts you in the spotlight and others will look up to you for guidance. This is your time to shine, don't by shy!

Capricorn: Knight of Pentacles: You feel that you need to slow down and take a more methodical approach to things. That's OK, even though some will be displeased by the lack of action. They may even try to force you to rush, but don't mind them. At this stage going slow will help you arrive faster. Go with your own pace and trust the momentum. Soon you will start seeing the first signs that you are on the right path.

Aquarius: Lovers: You feel that you will soon have to make a decision with regards to a meaningful relationship. There's no guarantee that you won't regret your choice – there's a risk in everything we do anyway. Trust that your choices make you who you are and decide with your heart. The best option is the one that's more in tune with your vibration and you know very well which one that is. The reaction of another will show you if you are on the right path.

Pisces: Fool: You've waited for the right opportunity but nothing seems to show up so you will now decide to create it. You need another chance to get it right, just make sure you don't waste your energy trying to do too many things. Choose one and stick to it. Appreciate the infinite possibilities that life offers, but acknowledge that you need a compass before you get up and go.

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