Week of September 14 to September 19 2020

Aries: Moon: Pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive impressions you may get this week, for there may be a message of great importance. Trust your inner voice knowing that you are the best judge at this stage. Feelings of isolation may arise, but that's normal as you are moving forward and the day will soon follow the night. Tread carefully, but don't give in to fears. 

Taurus: Sun: You will feel relieved and light as an issue that's been troubling you is finally being resolved and a burden is being lifted off your shoulders. You will feel rejuvenated and re-energised, ready to experience joy and good times. Young people or kids will bring you joy and good news. You can feel carefree for a while and there  might be an event that will put you in the spotlight in a positive way. Enjoy the good vibes.

Gemini: Ace of Swords: This week you need clarity in order to have control over a situation. If you don't know where you're going, it's impossible to decide on the best course of action. The truth of the facts will be revealed. Just make sure that you don't use it as a means to an end. Power struggles may arise, but you now know what you need to say to win an argument. Communication is one of your strongest points anyway.

Cancer: Nine of Cups: Someone is sending you good vibes and you will be able to sense a shift of energies around your connection. Things that were blocked the previous week will finally start flowing more freely. You will feel more confident and satisfied with yourself too. A wish will be granted, but make sure you choose the right wish.

Leo: Magician: As if by magic, you will start seeing possibilities being manifested and you will now be able to start developing your ideas into reality. You finally have all the tools to start with. You have everything you need to make what you want, physically or psychologically. This is a time of action and manifestation. Very soon things will start picking up.

Virgo: Three of Cups:  You will have a great time with friends this week and you will feel loved and supported, as you will seek joy in others and others will seek your company. You will probably attend a special occasion with plenty of food and drink - Just make sure you don't overindulge as there will be a tendency for excess. Alternatively, you may decide to join a women's group, community or gathering that will be beneficial for your energy.

Libra: Queen of Pentacles: You will be dealing with practical matters this week or matters that revolve around money or property. The good news is that you will be able to get things done efficiently - even if with some delays. A supportive female is around you and with her methodical and mature-acting approach, she will be a valuable mentor or as a wise counselor. This week it's beneficial to try a new beauty regimen!

Scorpio : Two of Pentacles. You may find yourself feeling confused between two different options. Expect that your view will change and alternate between negative and positive and there won't be much stability. There's a lot going on anyway, but so far you are doing a good job of keeping your footing. Soon energies will shift and you will be able to see a clearer picture. That's when you will be ready to make your decision.

Sagittarius: King of Wands: You are feeling fed up by delays and confusion and that's why this week you will decide to take the situation in your own two hands. There's a risk you will come across as too demanding, too assertive or too strong, but that's what is needed for you to take control. Don't let others decide for you - you are not at anyone's mercy. You are what you do,  not what you say you'll do.

Capricorn: Hermit: The need to withdraw in order to find a solution to a long standing issue will be strong this week. Strong will be your intuitive powers as well. You will not tolerate distractions or interference and some may think that you are being grumpy and antisocial. Don’t mind them. This is a time to go within and you will need a tranquil environment to come up with the solutions you seek.  

Aquarius: Six of Wands : The energy you have put into an endeavor has started to pay off and you will soon receive praise and rewards. Don't forget that you are where you are because others have backed your plans and believed in you. Give credit where it's deserved. The path you have chosen clearly needs allies. You are now in the center of attention and it's easier now to be seen and heard. 

Pisces: Eight of swords: There's an issue that makes you feel backed into a corner, unable to find a solution. You may be feeling powerless and helpless but the truth is that you just can't think straight. It appears that others played a role in your confusion, as if they have implanted negative suggestions into  your mind. Your way out is to take responsibility and take back your power by stopping to use your thoughts in a destructive manner.

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