Celebrate Lammas - Lughnasadh 1-2 August. Make a Walnut Bread Offering to Attract Abundance!

Lammas a.k.a. Lughnasadh is a solar festival, the midpoint between summer solstice and autumn equinox, occurring on 1st/2nd August, where abundance is celebrated. Choose which area of your life need to grow and make a symbolic bread offering to attract abundance and prosperity.

How to Make Summer Solstice Sangria Slush

Sangria is a fruity wine, perfect for libations but also for celebrating Solar and Lunar festivals like, Litha, Midsummer's eve festival, during Summer Solstice. This easy recipe can be prepared in a few hours and can be enjoyed with food or sweets. Subscribe to stay tuned to more magical recipes and videos: Totem Aion YouTube Channel

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