Five Things to Do on Halloween | Rituals | Ideas | DIY

Happy new year witches! Five different magic ideas to celebrate Halloween. Enjoy your Halloween! Intro (0:00) Halloween Altar (0:40) Halloween Divination (3:15) Connect with Your Dark Self Ritual (6:54) Dumb Supper (8:50) DIY (10:28) Outro (12:44) /p>

Mabon | Autumn Equinox Ritual

Mabon is held on the Autumn Equinox, when day hours and night hours are equal. This Mabon ritual will teach you which herbs, stones and items to use to connect with this day's energies and to tap into Natural forces that will help you attract the things that you want into your life.

Summer Solstice | Litha | Midsummer's Ritual

This Sun ritual will show you how to get yourself attuned to the Sun's energies during Litha, which is celebrated in summer solstice. We feel Sun's energy at the peak of its strength and fire is the element which is honored the most in this celebration. This is a day of outer and inner brightness. Honor it by connecting with your inner fire that will shine ...

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