My spirit guides and angels will light the unknown in your future bringing love and giving you peace of mind and ultimately an easier, happier , loving and more exciting existence you so deserve


My readings are honest and straightforward. The more clear and open you are, the more messages you will receive from guides, angels and others in spirit. I offer insight and guidance into every area of life, specializing in love and relationships. To start the reading and develop a spiritual connection I will connect with your name and date of birth first, then I like to develop a deeper connection with crystals to get an energy feel of whats going on to understand your situation. As I turn to the tarot cards for insights I am able to look into your past, present, and future. Any questionsrnI specialize in readings surrounding:rnrn❤Love and Relationships including Third Partyrnrn🌈LGBTQ+ Relationshipsrnrn👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Familyrnrn💰Careerrnrn✋Life Path Guidancernrn🌛Dream Analysisrnrn🕯Traditional and Folk Magicrnrn📜Past Livesrnrn😇Spirit Guidesrnrn


I have had many experiences of being a psychic. But the most memorable I can remember was with one of my clients in Southern California. She was recovering from a divorce and was very heartbroken. She needed to know if she would ever find her soulmate which I have helped her with to see her true soulmate. I also helped her find self–love as well as discover her own spiritual gifts. I draw wisdom in though my spiritual guides. I communicate with my ancestors; they are my spirit guides and they have been in my family for ages. My ancestors also give me messages to help guide and protect whomever Im with, in a psychic reading.