⭐️The universe has given me a gift and in the course of my life I have developed my skills as a psychic, clairvoyant.⭐️


⭐️Hi welcome. I think that your need and awareness of knowing what your future can be has brought you here and with me you will be able to understand what your future will be. My experience as both a psychic and Tarot reader can give you the right advice and the right help to understand how to move between your difficulties and how to manage your life situation that is close to your heart. Do not hesitate, my guiding spirit will be able to advise you best through my voice and with my experience developed over the years I will be able to give you the help you are looking for. ⭐️I am mainly a fortune teller and from the 80s I started studying the Tarot and how to interpret and read it. I was born with a skill, many call it a gift, I call it experience, study, dedication, knowledge, development of one’s being to understand future events and steal important information to advise in the most just and correct way those who carry out a fortune-telling consultation , mental, mediumship with me. ⭐️I specialize in reading the twenty-two Major Arcana and twenty-seven minor cards. I use in my readings both my mental ability, to understand both upcoming and future events and my ability to read tarot cards. ⭐️In my profession as a fortune teller, psychic, medium and consultant I have specialized in helping the client to solve the problem of his relationship as a couple, to understand if there will be a return of love, if the marriage will have a future or not, if there is a betrayal or if the partner is faithful, managing to help the consultant find the right answer and understand how he can solve his problem and find his inner balance, in his relationship as a couple, marriage and cohabitation. ⭐️I also deal with resolving situations related to work, career, future. ⭐️As a Medium I can connect with the conscience of a deceased loved one during a telephone reading. I specify that it is not easy to connect with entities in two seconds or three minutes, it takes some time to reach a perfect connection. ⭐️I can, for those in need, identify negative energies and those who may have wanted to create complications in your life by using negativity. ⭐️ALL SPECIALTIES Love and sexuality. Love and couple relationships. Breakup and divorce. Career advice. Reading and clairvoyance. Betrayal in the couple. Crowley Cards. Rider Waite cards. Advice on couple relationships and couple affinity. Soul mate in love.


My experience in the field of psychic reading or tarot cards began in the 90s and I have carried on this profession until today. In my past I have collaborated with several clairvoyance companies, for them I have always had television experiences in the field of clairvoyance. In my life I have followed various paths ranging from psychic reading, to the closed eye vision of distant or very distant places and landscapes, to mediumistic auditory experiences, to spiritism, to shamanic culture.


english - italian - spanish



Πως μπορω να εχω απάντηση για το ερώτημα ;


Amazing and supportive, very good reader


connected to my situtaion - honest


Straight to the point, thank you


Honest, friendly and compassionate


Definitely connected to my situation and gave me clarity and answered all my questions. Thank you for your honesty!


1st reading with him. He seemed to know things about my poi. Hoping the prediction happens as he sees