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Psychic and clairvoyant for a long time I give advice on love, relationship, return of couple, work, career, finance.


Hello everyone and welcome to my profile here in Seeer.com. I'm Psychic Daniel and I'm so happy to be here to help you understand what your future is in love life, work, career, business and what can happen in your life. No health questions.

Question about the energy around you; positive energies, vibrations of energies in your life and within you. I started giving advice to people when I was sure I had the right experience and ability to best orient myself in the paranormal world and psychic reading. I have always tried to give the right answer and the right message to people regarding their questions about their love life and living situation in general. I actually started reading to people, using tarot cards as many psychics or fortune tellers and even clairvoyants did.

So as a psychic I wanted to get a perfect way to have the right connection to see and have a perfect vision of predictions and premonitions or future events. With the help of several expert psychics and mediums: in my life journey I was able to have the awareness of having the right connection with my sixth sense and with my soul and mind towards the horizon of the future. I am aware that I have had with me, from my childhood until today, a guiding spirit.

Many mediums have told me that this spirit entered my body when I was about fifteen years old and it is possible that the spirit entered me because it found a free space in my body and then the spirit returned to have its new experience in the life. through my body. I specialize in analyzing and solving problems and crises; in love life, in relationships, in marriage, in the couple's return, in couple affinity, in soul mates, in new meetings and jobs, in careers, in business, in finance. TRY IT TODAY. Thank you and best of luck.


In my psychic readings or divination with the Tarot with the client, I always try to be kind and to create a homogeneous and empathic approach, to get to have the perfect reading and understand the problem that the person who consults me is experiencing, in order to help and lead the customer towards the resolution of the problem. I am a nice and sunny psychic and that is why I want that during the consultation with the client I want to give my vitality to make the reading simple and effective. My universal energy gives me the duty to give the person who consults me all the good positive energy to restore the right balance of body and mind.


english - italian


Arron Gwinnett

it was a little slow at first but decent insight into the matter, I hope it works out in the end


Πως μπορω να εχω απάντηση για το ερώτημα ;


Amazing and supportive, very good reader


connected to my situtaion - honest


Straight to the point, thank you


Honest, friendly and compassionate


Definitely connected to my situation and gave me clarity and answered all my questions. Thank you for your honesty!


1st reading with him. He seemed to know things about my poi. Hoping the prediction happens as he sees