Daniel Psychic

After thirty years of experience in the world of the paranormal, I believe I have the right ability and the right power to advise you and help you see beyond.


I am a Psychic medium with a lot of experience as Fortune-teller, Clairvoyant, intuitive and empatich energy. The areas I specialize in are love and relationships, soul mates, breakups, marriage/divorce commitment phobia, friends, family, co-workers and careers. My goal is to guide you towards making change happen as soon as possible. Often its just a change in consciousness, but sometimes its just a renewal of everything.rnrnIf you are open to receiving information, the information will flow easily. But if you are fearful and hesitant, the energy can be blocked from flowing and it can be a far from stellar reading. A psychic reading is a wonderful experience that can relieve you if you allow it. My method is to use aura and energy. When I talk to you, I will be able to see your aura and the ones you want to know about. I use this technique to traverse the realm of the present to experience a window into your future. I also use this technique to see your past and present. I will identify areas of negative energy around you and your future and suggest alternative paths to allow you to live the more positive life filled with joy, love and inner peace. I promise you that I will always tell you the truth of what I see. Although he offers all views in a kind, courteous and compassionate way. Prepare yourself for the truth, please, because sometimes thats not what one wants to hear. I will help you see your choices, gain clarity and feel encouraged.rnrnI started doing Tarot readings as a young man and continued throughout my life. My experience, skills and education have prepared me well to serve people from all walks of life, cultures and countries. Going through difficult moments in life has opened me to a clearer vision. And a clearer perception. I like to raise their hopes and give the guidance they seek. I just say things as they are. Im honest, but in a compassionate way, so you feel strengthened at the end of your reading.


Thirty years of experience at your service to solve your love problems.rnI was born in a place where my father was a Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium. My gifts were cultivated in a loving environment which promoted the development of my specific spiritual abilities. I have dedicated my life to helping people learn, discover and orient themselves in the future. Im here to provide an honest and straightforward reading that provides guidance and solutions for your biggest challenges. I feel unique and offer unique readings because I get very detailed information and receive it quickly. Some clients have told me that I get things that only they knew. I like to focus on what I can do to help them and I take my gifts very seriously.


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Πως μπορω να εχω απάντηση για το ερώτημα ;


Amazing and supportive, very good reader


connected to my situtaion - honest


Straight to the point, thank you


Honest, friendly and compassionate


Definitely connected to my situation and gave me clarity and answered all my questions. Thank you for your honesty!


1st reading with him. He seemed to know things about my poi. Hoping the prediction happens as he sees