Psychic Daniel

Thirty years of experience in psychic reading and clairvoyance. I also deal with tarot reading. Solves problems in love, job and career. Grab the hint!


Hello everyone, beautiful people!
I have grown up since I was fifteen with my guiding spirit that has been around me to this day. Our powers together have given me the ability to look and predict the future or what might happen in different complicated situations in your life. I can write that I am a psychic or a clairvoyant and a medium but; I am also a fortune teller and think I am an energetic healer. I studied by reading and learning the most important notions in divination and tarot reading from well-known esoteric books by esoteric writers and experts from all over the world. I have been doing this psychic reading and fortune telling work for several years now to help people regain their happiness or achieve their success. In my path as a psychic or expert reader of clairvoyance, I specialized in understanding, studying, situations in love, couple relationship, love returns, marital crisis, divorce, reconciliation and new loves, soul mate, couple affinity. I also deal with solving situations involving work, career, financial gains, luck. I'm not concerned with health.
Wishing everyone the best, I give you a big hug.


My experience in the field of psychic reading or tarot cards began in the 90s and I have carried on this profession until today. In my past I have collaborated with several clairvoyance companies, for them I have always had television experiences in the field of clairvoyance. In my life I have followed various paths ranging from psychic reading, to the closed eye vision of distant or very distant places and landscapes, to mediumistic auditory experiences, to spiritism, to shamanic culture.


english - italian - spanish



Πως μπορω να εχω απάντηση για το ερώτημα ;


Amazing and supportive, very good reader


connected to my situtaion - honest


Straight to the point, thank you


Honest, friendly and compassionate


Definitely connected to my situation and gave me clarity and answered all my questions. Thank you for your honesty!


1st reading with him. He seemed to know things about my poi. Hoping the prediction happens as he sees