Aries: Queen of Wands: In order to keep your positive energy flowing, there's a situation that you need to face head on. This is not the time to procrastinate and to have second thoughts. Bold and fast action is needed. Once you take initiative, you will see that things will start going your way finally. There's a debilitating lifestyle that you need to get out of and when you do, a new phase will begin.

Taurus: Four of Cups:  You know that change is needed, but you don't know what that change should be. You feel exhausted and apathetic and you need to be alone with your thoughts. This is a temporary situation that will soon change and shift. In some cases, the way out of this would be to try and spice things up a little.If you have been taking things for granted, everything may become too predictable and stale and that's something that should be avoided.

Gemini: Eight of Swords: You have learned some lessons in the past and those lessons  should have made you brave and fearless but at this stage you feel the need to withdraw as there's a situation that makes you feel confused. Try to face the truth of what lays before you.  Have you ever thought that maybe you  put yourself in an apparently desperate situation in order to force a really creative and liberating solution?

Cancer: Nine of Pentacles: You can  sit-back and relax this week as pressure is off you now.  You are getting very close to realising your goals and your plans and hard efforts will soon pay off. You will be able to produce the results you were hoping for as it has all come together better than expected.  You have denied yourself freedom in order to achieve your dreams, but soon you will be able to enjoy a beautiful lifestyle.

Leo: Queen of Cups : You are naturally kind and caring and the happiness of those around you is very important to you, but this week you may want to put your own happiness first. There's someone who will open up to you this week and you will hear things that will make you feel happy, but you will also hear things that will cause some doubts. Be observant of your feelings and avoid idealizing people. Your heart will tell you what needs to be done. Listen to it.

Virgo: Eight of Wands: Things appear to be coming together and you will become involved in the creative phase of a project or a goal that feels really exciting. You will have to decide and act quickly and that's why you will need to think on your feet, as several opportunities may arise at once. Under the influence of this Eight you will manage to remain on top of things with little stress. if you've been dealing with issues or complicated situations, things are now reaching their natural conclusion. 

Libra: Empress: A period of growth, creativity and prosperity is arriving and it's safe to  move plans or ideas forward to their next stage of development. You will notice that your projects you are working on will be coming together quite nicely at this stage and there will be a supportive person that will help you overcome any setbacks or obstacles. Things that have been stuck will start naturally growing for you now so you will soon begin to see the results of all your hard work.  Make sure that whatever your create is nurtured and cared for otherwise all your effort will be wasted.

Scorpio Tower:There's a situation that makes you feel trapped and you want to get out of it , but you cannot see a way out, as either circumstances or lack of courage make you unable to bring about the necessary change. However, life will create the necessary conditions that will allow you to forge a different path. Expect the unexpected this week and make sure you remain grounded. This will be a wake up call that you must free yourself from limiting and unhealthy circumstances.

Sagittarius: Four of Pentacles: You  feel blocked from making progress because there's something or someone someone who is standing in your way or  refuse to compromise.  If you are both stubbornly holding onto a situation or position that leads nowhere, maybe it is time to move on. Be honest with yourself - maybe it's just being a habit and fear of change keeps you trapped and unable to move.

Capricorn: Six of Swords: You are definitely making progress but if you bring with you negative mindsets of the past, it won't be long until you will have to deal with the same challenges that may manifest with different names and forms. Problems very rarely go away of their own accord and trying to escape those  issues without resolving them, will only cause them to come up again and catch up with you at some time in the future.  

Aquarius: Seven of Wands : You feel you cannot trust anyone at this stage and there is strong opposition around you. You have to play many roles and you have to defend yourself too, as your views and beliefs will be questioned. Standing your ground is the best course of action. Soon energies will begin to shift and  you will immediately sense a release of tension. Don't let others take advantage of you. This is a time to stand up for yourself. 

Pisces: Seven of Swords:  You are dealing with someone or something that has caused you to feel defeated in the past and you are now feeling disempowered. But there's a chance to win this time if you do what you are not expected to do. Being unpredictable will give you an advantage now and you will be able to turn the situation in your favor. You need to come up with a new strategy though,so that they don't see it coming. 

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