Week of February 1 to February 7 2021

Aries: Death: There's a change that you fear, but change is inevitable. A chapter in your life is about to end and what comes next largely depends on how you will react. Acceptance is the key here – resistance will just make things harder. The universe will not allow stagnation, especially if you keep something negative in your life for too long. Trust the process knowing that what comes next seems to be better than what was before.

Taurus: Fool: A new cycle has begun for you and this week you will experience renewal, fresh ideas, new people coming into your life to help you achieve your goals. You will have to take a risk too, but that will open options and opportunities, so now is not the time for hesitation. It's time for action and moving forward. You may not have a detailed plan yet, but you will figure out the steps as you go along. A new chapter is beginning, with new story and new characters.

Gemini: Star: You have been able to resolve a complicated issue and now you will enjoy a few days of rest that will allow you to get away from things for a while, to think and recharge. The universe is now giving you a break, so use that time to think about the future and find creative solutions. You will feel more optimistic and you will approach life with a sense of purpose. A positive message will give you hope that a plan or project of yours is on the right path. 

Cancer: Two of Pentacles: There will be some stress and indecisiveness in relation to a decision about a financial or material issue and you may attempt to juggle too many things at once, hoping to maintain a balance. Even though that could work in the short run, at some point you will unavoidably have to make a choice, if you want to experience stability and to avoid constant ups and downs.

Leo: Three of Swords: There are people who cause trouble around you and there's high risk of severe conflicts and arguments. Hurtful words may be exchanged and for that reason, caution is needed as you may later regret what was said. People will be easily provoked and there will be tension in the air. But on the other hand, clarity will come and you will know where you stand and who you're dealing with, so that order can be restored.

Virgo: Ace of Swords: You will have a brilliant idea this week, an idea that will show you a new way of looking at things and you will be able to easily see both sides of a situation. You will then know what you need to do and you will be able to form a clear and workable plan. Think with your head not with your heart and be clear of your intentions.

Libra: Sun: This week you will feel the need to express yourself and connect with another on a deep and meaningful level. There will be good moments and joyous energy and a meeting that will make you feel optimistic. If you've been dealing with health issues, this week you will start noticing serious improvement. A secret will be revealed and confusion will clear. Finally things will make sense.

Scorpio Eight of Swords: You believe that you have no options at this stage, but that's just your perception. There are certain issues that remain unresolved but don't let panic get the better of you. Someone will give you valuable advice and possible solutions on how to get out of a stressful situation and you better listen! It's just your narrowing negative beliefs that make you think there is no way out. You do have options, explore them!

Sagittarius: World: You may be dealing with situations or people from afar and there seems to be some sort of completion that will take place this week. You've done the necessary work and things have developed nicely and a positive outcome is about to manifest. You are about to start a new phase and you will feel very comfortable in your skin, knowing that things are in constant motion and for that reason there is always hope and progress.

Capricorn: Judgment: You have reached a crossroads and you now need to decide with clarity of judgment, which direction you are going to go next. If you have doubts or second thoughts, look to your past for guidance, review past experiences and actions taken and their outcome, in order to decide on the best course of action. Important news will help you form a plan and make a decision.

Aquarius: Queen of Swords: This week you will have a clear and honest talk with someone and that will help you see where you stand with them and will also help you make the best possible choice. Things that weren't clear before will make sense now and you will get your facts straight finally. If you are realistic in your expectations, you will see that things are actually going your way.

Pisces: Nine of Cups: You will feel satisfied for a job well done and emotionally you will find yourself in a strong place and in a very good mood. You will feel in control of your life and in self -care mode. It's not selfish to concentrate on your needs for a while and you soon you will be able to let other people in too. But for now, it's OK to indulge and take some me-time. Your efforts have come to a successful fruition and it's time to enjoy the rewards.

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