Week of February 19 to February 25 2024

This week ushers in a period where the focus shifts towards embracing a more whimsical, intuitive, and free-spirited approach to life. It's a time that might feel more dreamy and emotionally intense than usual, surprising those who aren't typically in tune with such a sensitive disposition. As the week begins, it's an excellent time for envisioning your future, imagining where you could be six months from now if you were to realize your dreams with ease. The encouragement is to set intentions that allow you to dream big, beyond your current realities. The influence of a significant celestial event at the start of the week will linger, heightening sensitivity to media and music. This makes it a prime time to deliberately choose what you consume, perhaps by creating a playlist or a vision board that resonates with the life you aspire to. Midweek brings a moment to reflect on personal challenges and unaddressed wounds, suggesting a push towards confronting and healing these aspects of ourselves. It's a period marked by introspection and the opportunity to align more closely with our dreams and aspirations through thoughtful intention and self-awareness. See the Tarot prediction for your sign!

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